Sri Surya Pahar | AJB Class 6 English Chapter 7 | MCQ Question Answer Solution |

Sri Surya Pahar

Chapter- 7

1) Where is Surya Pahar located?

A) Assam, Goalpara town

B) Japan

C) India, Gujrat town

Ans- A) Assam, Goalpara town.

2) Who engraved the Shiva Lingas at Sri Surya Pahar?

A) Kalidas

B) Vyasa

C) None

Ans- B) Vyasa.

3) Which historical place does Rajarshi tell about?

A) Nagaon

B) Morigaon

C) Tezpur

Ans- C) Tezpur.

4) Who mentioned about the Sri Surya Pahar in his writings?

A) Hsuan Tsang

B) Vyasa

C) Kalidas

Ans- A) Hsuan Tsang.

5) Where did Jeetu go with his parents last year?

A) Shiva Lingas

B) Sri Surya Pahar

C) Kashi

Ans- B) Sri Surya Pahar.

6) There are 25 _____ of different shapes at Sri Surya Pahar.

A) Jainism

B) Holiest

C) Stupas

Ans- C) Stupas.

7) Naranarayan Setu is about ____ Kilometres from Sri Surya Pahar.

A) 27.7 Km

B) 25.7 Km

C) 24.7 Km

Ans- A) 27.7 Km.

8) Jeetu shows Mini and Rajarshi some _____ of Sri Surya Pahar.

A) Beautiful place

B) Photographs

C) None

Ans- B) Photographs.

9) The site of Sri Surya Pahar was perhaps associated with the ____ of sun worship?

A) Sult

B) Cult

C) Sites

Ans- B) Cult.

10) How many Shiva Lingas are there? 

A) 10000

B) 20000

C) 99999

Ans- C) 99999.

11) What does the Sri Surya Pahar imply? 

A) Surya

B) Moon

C) Cave

Ans- A) Surya

12) A city on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh means?

A) Kashi

B) Jainism

C) Buddhism

Ans- A) Kashi.

13) One of the most ancient Indian religions means?

A) Buddhism

B) Jainism

C) Kashi

Ans- B) Jainism.

14) A religion based on the teachings attributed to Buddha means?

A) Sculptures

B) Buddhism

C) Scattered

Ans- B) Buddhism.

15) Scholar and traveller means?  

A) Hsuan Tsang

B) Vivid

C) Jainism

Ans- A) Hsuan Tsang.